Sizing & Care


  • X-Small: 5/8" x 6-8"
  • Small: 5/8" x 8-12"
  • Medium: 3/4" x 10-16"
  • Large: 1" x 12-20"
  • X-Large: 1" x 15-24"
  • XX-Large: 1.5" x 12-24"


  • Black Plastic: includes black plastic buckle, black plastic adjuster, and welded metal d-ring
  • Silver: includes metal silver buckle, metal silver adjuster, and welded metal d-ring
  • Matte/Shiny Gold: includes matte gold buckle, gold adjuster, and gold welded d-ring (**medium collars will have a shiny gold buckle**)
  • Martingale: all fabric martingale, with stainless steel adjusters. Buckle not included.


  • Small: 3" wide and 2.5" tall (maltese, shitzu)

  • Medium: 4" wide and 3" tall (terrier, bulldog, brittany, corgi)

  • Large: 5" wide and 3.5" tall (labrador, dalmatian, shepherd)


  • Small: 8-11" (Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier)

  • Medium: 12-15" (Rat Terrier, Shihtzu, Italian Greyhound)

  • Large: 16-19" (German Shorthair, Dalmatian, Weimaraner)

  • X-Large: 20-24" (German Shepherd, Great Dane, Rhodesian Ridgeback)


  • Measure your dog's current collar to determine scarf size
  • If dog has short hair, stick to standard sizes
  • If dog has long hard, add 2-3 inches to compensate for extra fluff


    Your dog's collars and accessories will eventually become one with the mud, dirt, and poop, but the good news is, our products hold up well to a good scrubbing or a trip to the washing machine!

    Option 1: wet your collar/accessory and rub a small amount of dawn dish soap onto a small bristle brush and gently scrub your dog's collar/accessory. Lay flat to dry.

    Option 2: remove any ID tags from your dog's collars/accessories and place them in a garment bag or standard pillow case. Make sure to close the bag so the buckle doesn't damage your washing machine. Wash on cold cycle with the rest of your load and lay flat to dry.